10 Symptoms of Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Gynecologic cancers doesn’t depend on your capability, even though you’re young and healthy women there may be a possibility of affecting to it.

In the United States, every year more than 80,000 women are diagnosed with gynecologic cancers like endometrial (Uterine), Cervical Cancer, and Ovarian.

These types of cancers mostly occur after menopause, but there is also a possibility of getting affected even before menopause.

This type of symptoms of cancer are vague and are similar to other condition. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or healthy but whenever you come across these types of symptoms, it’s the time to alert your doctor because it’s a precautionary step to control cancer at an early stage only if any is recognized.

What are the 10 Symptoms of Cancer that women must need to know?

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Most of the women who are diagnosed with endometrial cancer experience irregular bleeding. If you are a woman who already undergone Menopause and experiencing any spotting or else if you haven’t gone menopause still, then right away consult your doctor even when you face heavy bleeding during sex or bleeding in between the periods.

Undetermined weight loss

Being fit is your choice, and if you are obese then maintaining proper diet plan and daily exercising may help you to lose your weight normally but if you lose your weight of more than 10 pounds suddenly without any change in diet or fitness activities, then talk to your doctor.

Vaginal discharge colored with blood

Vaginal discharge coloured dark and smelly with blood is a sign of infection, but sometimes it may be a warning sign of Endometrial or Cervical cancer.


Loss of appetite

Are you ever feeling full, no hungry at all? Then this appetite changes may be a sign of Ovarian Cancer.

Swollen leg

Swollen Leg is not a sign of cancer but whenever you experience any reasonless swollen foot condition and also have pain, discharge & other cervical cancer conditions, then meet your doctor.

Constant fatigue

In these busy lives, people are undergone constant fatigue due to their restless work throughout the week which makes them so weak and may cause to fall into the constant fatigue condition, so avoid silly reasons and consult your doctor.

Pain in the pelvis or abdominal area

Continuous Abdominal pain or pressure also includes gas, cramps and bloating may be a sign of Cancer. Consistency in pelvis pain or pressure will be due to Endometrial Cancer.

A bloated belly

Feeling Bloated? No worries, it is common after drinking or eat a lot especially at the time of menstrual cycle. But if a bloated feeling is constant for more than two weeks or even after your period ends, then it may be a symptom of ovarian cancer.

Constantly needing bathroom breaks

If you need frequent bathroom breaks even without the intake of lots of fluids or else are you feeling a lot of abdominal pressure? Then it may be a symptom of cancer.

Persistent indigestion or nausea

Facing relentless indigestion or nausea occasionally? It may be a sign of gynaecology cancers. Then meet the doctor for knowing your health conditions.

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