Cancer Treatment Decisions

Where? When? What?

Being a cancer patient, there may be many questions revolving around the brain of a patient or his/her family members regarding the Cancer Treatment costs and whether it will be covered by insurance or not? Where can I get treated? What will be the travel expenses? Many more things as a patient, but the only thing you need is a quick decision making that will make you to increase the possibilities of recovering through the treatments.

What are the issues to be considered before choosing a Cancer Treatment?

Always a Second Opinion is must: Though you have been diagnosed by any primary physician, it is strongly recommended to take the second opinion from any cancer specialist because being wise is not a mistake and also many insurance plans require a second opinion too before the treatment to cover the expenses. After taking the second opinion, if the cancer specialist or Surgeon agrees with the primary physician’s diagnosis, then there will be another option regarding which type of treatment you need to take depending on the type of cancer.

Prognosis: Many cancer specialists will have the best estimation of the patient’s health condition, where they require the treatment or else can be treated will minor medical treatments. Based on the stages of cancer, one can need to go through the advanced level treatments too depending on their survival rate. Estimating the patient’s life expectancy and the level of cancer growth, doctors recommend the treatments but the final decision is left to the patient and their families. In worst cases, some may go through the treatments and some may refuse to take. But the prognosis is a must before undergoing any treatment.

Treatment Expenses/Insurance Coverage: Cancer Treatment is very expensive as it involves in many sophisticated techniques, managed level machinery & medicine also costs high. Some treatments need hospital stay too and it may vary depending on their mode of treatments. Though you have insurance and any other healthcare related plans, there will be less scope for full coverage of expenses. Based on plan limitations, uncovered expenses must be paid by the patient only.

Travel and accommodation: The patient may need to travel different places for the treatment and some persons like family members or caretakers may add up along with them, so one must plan the travel and lodging expenses which may add up with the treatment expenses that will be paid at the end.

Legal Decisions: One must be well prepared before undergoing the treatment because there may be a possibility of facing inability in taking decisions after or in between the treatments. So, need to have some person to handle your personal affairs. There must be some advance directives which include documents like living wills, medical power of attorney, and do-not-resuscitate orders. So, you need to make wise decisions regarding the legal issues.

Clinical Trials: These Clinical trials are applicable for newly diagnosed patients. Most of the patients who are not responded to the traditional treatments have got hope because of these carefully controlled tests in which new drugs and treatments are applied in a better way than standard care.

Moving Forward: If you are decided to go through the cancer treatment then you need to select an oncologist & a hospital for the treatment.

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